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Marketing for Non-Marketers

Not all business owners want to outsource their marketing forever. That’s where Learn with Style Publishing comes in. We developed an in-person, one-on-one package that teaches you what we’d do to market your business. There are no secrets. We’ll empower you to run your own marketing with confidence. 

Small business owners know they need to be doing some form of marketing; a lot just don’t know where to start or what to do. That’s where our Marketing for Non-Marketers program comes into play. Unlike online beginner marketing courses, this one is customised to your business and your needs.

This is not a pre-made course that you download and work through at your own pace. It’s me, Kirsty from Style Publishing, working directly with you to help you improve your own marketing game. I’m based in Brisbane, so if you’re local (and restrictions allow), we can meet in person. If you’re further away, we can still do everything we need to via Zoom or phone meetings.

Over one or three months (we’ll get to the details later), I’ll work with you to figure out what marketing your business needs, and teach you how to implement it. I’ll be there to set up your ad accounts and figure out your messaging. I’ll show you the tricks around content planning, and tell you the best apps and programs to get your marketing under control. 

Not all businesses need to be across all platforms, so I’ll help you work out if your customers are more likely to respond to your presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Google Ads. If you don’t have business pages on the relevant accounts, I’ll set them up. If you need a cheat sheet for using Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Advertising Accounts and getting the most out of Google Ads and Google Analytics — I’ve got you covered.

By the time I leave you, you’ll be comfortable continuing your own marketing in whatever time you have available. And if you ever have any questions, I’m just a phone call away.

You know you should be doing more marketing, right? I can teach you exactly what I’d do.

Here's How It Works

One-Month Rapid-Fire Marketing

Get an overview of marketing

Make a specific marketing plan for your business

Take over your own marketing quickly

Customised for your business

Your level of competency doesn’t matter, it’s your level of enthusiasm that will get you up and running with successful marketing. In the first week, I’ll meet with you (in person or via Zoom) and we’ll chat for a couple of hours about where your business is and where you want to go. You’ll tell me about your ideal customers, your competitors and your business. If you’re already doing some marketing, we’ll chat about what that is and how it’s going.

Then I’ll spend a week researching your market and figuring out the best marketing opportunities for you. We’ll get together again and make a plan for the next couple of weeks. This is where the customisation of the program really comes into play. I can guide you as much as you need as we create a content plan and marketing strategy for you to implement moving forward. And the best bit, we actually get it started!

For the next two weeks, we’ll have plenty of contact as your marketing starts to hit your potential customers. I’ll help you analyse what’s working, and teach you what to look out for moving forward. I’ll help you create posts and content for upcoming weeks, and make sure you’re comfortable with what you need to do to stay consistent with your marketing. 

And that’s it. After a month you’ll be comfortable as a Non-Marketing Marketer. You’ll still run your primary business, but with new and improved consistent marketing. 

(I’ll give you an exact quote after our first chat, but this program costs between $2500 and $4000, depending on your business needs and what we agree to implement.)

Three-Month All About Marketing Program

Thoroughly learn small business marketing

Have all profiles and ad accounts created

Discover time-saving apps

Prepare an ongoing content plan

Like our one-month rapid-fire program, this package is fully customisable to your needs. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting with your marketing, we’ll discuss your business, your competitors and your messaging to make a plan about how to increase your exposure and sales. 

The first couple of weeks will be me researching your market, customers and competitors to formulate the marketing plan. 

Again, I’ll set up whatever platforms and ad accounts you need, and teach you how to use them. We’ll chat each week (in person or over the phone), and I’ll give you feedback and guidance on how your marketing is going. I’ll do as much as you need in terms of actually creating the content, but will be teaching you the tricks of the trade as we go. 

You’ll have three months to get to know the platforms you’re working with, and during this time I’ll stay on board to help you develop the content you’ll need for your marketing. You’ll have time to get fully comfortable with all that’s involved in marketing for a small business, and we’ll customise any lessons you may need to make sure you’re comfortable with taking the reins once I’m gone. 

(I’ll give you an exact quote after our first chat, but this program costs between $4000 and $6000, depending on your business needs and what we agree to implement.)

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